The Little Ladybug

The Little Ladybug - Amelia May cartoon ladybug photo:  ladybug2.gif

The Little Ladybug by Amelia May is a Four Star. It's a cute story written for children 3 to 6. It is a suitable learn to read book for those ages. The rhymes are easy to read & it would be a fun read aloud for a parent, grandparent, teacher or librarian. It show the ladybug in different situations looking for a friend.

cartoon ladybug photo: Ladybug mime-attachment2222.gif

"And what did I do wrong this time?
There's nothing wrong with me!
All I wanted was a friend,
or maybe two or three."

cartoon ladybug photo: LADYBUG ladybugs-1.gif

The ladybug visits other insects who don't want to be friends. At last, feeling a little sorry for himself & sighing so loud he barely hears an ant that needs directions. He helps.

As an afterthought:
"The ant said, 'See you, ladybug!
Also, if you don't mind,
Would you like to be my friend,
Since you're so caring, fun &
cartoon ant with ladybug photo: ANT ant.gif

The illustrations used in this review are from photobucket, not the book. The illustrations in the book are simple & pleasing to the eye.

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