The Apple and the Potmaker

The Apple and the Potmaker - Martin B. Flores The Apple and the Potmaker by Martin B. Flores is an almost four star. I received a free copy from Amazon for fair review. It is an enjoyable fairy tale with a brilliant red apple in the top of the old decaying apple tree. The King decrees that whoever can pick it will be rewarded by marrying his daughter, the Princess.

Oscar, the modest potmaker comes to the kingdom & is working on pots in the kitchen. His daughter, Olga is fascinated by the apple. She keeps telling him about it & to get her to go away, he throws a rock at the apple & knocks it down. Major celebration & he doesn't know what's going on. He's forced to marry the Princess. The King sets aside Oscar's wife & daughter. Oscar is NOT happy.

There is a war & Oscar goes to the front lines. The King tells all the soldiers to say & do everything that Oscar does. It works out for them & the war is won. Will the King grant his desires? Will he be able to reclaim his family that he loves & misses? What will happen to the rejected Princess?