The House We Haunted

The House We Haunted - Amy Cross I received a free kindle copy of The House We Haunted by Amy Cross from Amazon for fair review. I gave it two stars because it was a diffiicult book to read & parts of it dragged. It wasn't clear which sister was doing the talking even though the chapters were named by the sister. They sounded just alike & I found that confusing.

This haunting story includes an entire family. Kate, Ellen are manic-depressive sisters. Their brother John Maynard became a doctor. He has an inappropriate relationship with a patient. All three siblings are troubled.

Early on Ellen attempts suicide by train & is unsuccessful. Kate is comforted by her boyfriend named Luke with his dog named Wilbur while they are waiting to find out what has happened to Ellen.

Kate, Luke & her father live in the house. Kate moves out after Ellen's suicide attempt. Luke uses Wilbur like a 'haunting' geiger counter. If the dog is relaxed, so is he.

The beginning of the book was a bit of a struggle. It's about this fractured & fragmented family where the mother behaves monstrously toward all her children. One hides in a cob-webbed basement rather than face mother's wrath. That's where Ellen meets the ghost in a painful way the first time. She attempts to escape it for a lifetime & it even follows her to Japan.

The setting is in England & I needed a idiomatic dictionary to find out what some of the words were.

I believe giving it two stars was generous.

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