Christmas with the Black Sheep

Christmas with the Black Sheep - Natalie-Nicole Bates I received a free kindle copy of Christmas with the Black Sheep by Natalie-Nicole Bates from an Amazon promotion. I gave it four stars. It's a love story. Can it have a happy end?

Aylin Myers had a busy holiday season with making candles & perfumed scented oils. She didn't want to go out in the cold weather. She made the effort to make her Christmas booth appealing. As she was getting ready to leave, the black sheep of Barrow Haven, Eriah Jameson stopped by to say hello. The town had written him off when he didn't stay for his father's funeral. Even though he'd had trouble making escapades, he didn't have a criminal record.

His girlfriend, Miss Perfectly Phony Melinda broke an expensive candle in Aylin's shop when she couldn't purchase a photograph for Eriah who she called Riley. Later he made restitution for it.

They helped at the church on Christmas Eve serving meals.

Will their Christmas be a merry one? Can Eriah get his funeral home care re-established with Aylin's help? Will this be their only Christmas?

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