The Moonglow Cafe: A Paige MacKenzie Mystery

The Moonglow Cafe: A Paige MacKenzie Mystery - Deborah Garner I received a free kindle copy of The Moonglow Cafe: A Paige MacKenzie Mystery by Deborah Garner, published by Cranberry Cove Press from an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review. I gave it four stars.

It's a lighthearted romantic cozy mystery about a New York reporter named Paige MacKenzie who heads to Montana for a brief respite from the grind of the big city. "Kindness, a lost art. Patience, even more elusive. City life in all its undesirable glory." She hopes to reconnect with her cowboy Jake, while she's there. "Dealing with relationships had never been her strength. She was stubborn & work driven, always had been."

She's researching the Yogo gemstone found in Timberton, Montana & adventure awaits her. This mystery is filled with an eccentric crew of characters & Paige discovers a journal hidden behind a heating register.

Here are some significant quotes Paige from the journal she discovered.

"Raw emotions seemed to burst off the paper like flames, all depending on the handwritten scroll of the text."

"Was the process of creating, then destroying therapeutic somehow? Or could the frustrated hands that spewed the words & slashes on the page simply be that of a man consumed by rage?

She went to the recommended Moonglow Cafe. She asks for a menu. "Moonglow does not have menus. Menus complicate life. Today is Tuesday. I will bring you the Tuesday breakfast." The hippie waitress, Mist, went into the kitchen.

Will Paige solve the aged mystery before the current one endangers her? It's a race to find out.

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