Hercolubus Or Red Planet

Hercolubus Or Red Planet - V.M. Rabolu "Because of the immense importance of this universal message for humanity, the Alcione Association is sending by mail free printed copies of the book “Hercolubus or Red planet” to any place worldwide." You can get your free copy here: http://www.hercolubus.tv/

The author of the book died January 8, 2000 yet there is still in Canada an association sending copies for free.

"What I affirm in this book is a very-short term prophecy, because I have evidence about the end of the planet. I know it. I am not attempting to frighten, but to forewarn, because I feel sorry for this poor Humanity. Since these events are coming soon, there is no time to waste on illusory things."

It describes a duplicate existence on the astral level. It also says that the planet's end is inescapable. There is a giant red planet, Hercolubus, on a collision course with earth.

I believe the author was sincere in his prophecy. Yet as so many other doomsday prophets, he died before the prophecy was fulfilled.

I'm grateful I did not pay for this book.