The Art of Arranging Flowers

The Art of Arranging Flowers - Lynne Branard The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard. I received a free copy from NetGalley for review. These opinions are my own.

When I read the title I thought I might not like it. However, as I read, I discovered a heartfelt love story. I gave it a four star rating, only because I had to look up so many plant varieties & that was a distraction.

The characters were developed well enough that I wanted to find out more about what happened in their lives after the book ended. The story line was beyond interesting to me, it entranced me & I was living within it. For me, that is one of the greatest signs of a truly good book.

Ruby Jewell is a florist in a Washington town & this story tells of her recovering from massive grief over the death of her sister. She began to recover because of the healing power of flowers. She knows everyone in town & they rely on her to help them remember to acknowledge special occasions with her beautiful floral arrangements.

Here's one example of what Ruby utilizes in working with flowers. "Purple banishes what lies in the past & yellow balances the emotions."

She has a wall around her personal needs that is too steep to scale by the average person. Cooper, a man who hits on every woman he meets & is a flower distributor called her a 'bullet'. "Calling me a rose that doesn't open stings, but only a little."

A retired astonaut & professor, Captain Dan Miller befriends her & plays a part in helping Ruby make a decision that can change her life.

Jimmy is a recovering alcholic that works for Ruby in her florist shop. "Jimmy is a good man, but even goodness can't push away darkness."

Ruby visits the cemetery regularly to visit & talk to Daisy, her deceased sister.

Will is a young boy who comes to work for Ruby & walks her dog Clementine as well as helping in the shop. His mother is dead & he had lived with his grandparents.

Will is with Ruby when Clementine wanders off by herself & after they realize she's been gone too long, they search her to find she's covered in porcupine quills & in shock. This is a moment that changes Ruby's life. Daisy also comes to Ruby in dreams, young & beautiful. "She wears flowers in her hair, daisies, of course, white ones,'days-eyes,' I tell her, the phrase from old English, what they used to call the flowers because they opened themselves to the sun & folded in on themselves at night."

I recommend this for anyone who likes a well written, tender love story.