It's NOT Just A Dog! (Project Madison, #2)

It's NOT Just A Dog! (Project Madison, #2) - Pam Torres It's NOT Just A Dog! (Project Madison #2)by Pam Torres (Goodreads Author) I received a free e-copy of this book from NetGalley for a fair review.

This is a cute little story about Madison, a teenage girl who helps at a dog kennel, the Second Chance Dog Shelter which is owned by Netta, her mother's best friend. Her mother died from cancer. Her friend Cooper lives with Netta.

After naming her puppy there is a discussion with Cooper. "'At least my mother didn't leave me like an abandoned puppy.' The words fell from my mouth, thick & black, spreading across the room like slimy oil." She & Cooper glared at each other & Netta told them to sweep the barn so hopefully they could be friends again.

Paige, her next door neighbor & friend had moved out. Before she left she'd gotten boy crazy & that created a distance between them. After a month, finally there is a "Sold" sign at the house. She's eager to see who will move in so walks her dog past it while a truck is being unloaded.

Madison has a special gift. She hears dogs thoughts & can 'feel' the emotions of dogs. She also physically feels their injuries. One injured dog was abandoned & hurt so seriously it had to be put down. She is determined to find out who did it.

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Also while walking her dogs Lilly & Aura she hears a whine & a single bark. There is a paint can for her to stand on so she can see over the fence. A scrawny, neglected dog is chained without good water or food. A grumpy old man yells it's private property & for her to get away. Things are not always what they seem.

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Cooper & Madison go to a dog behavior class. She feels impatient with Aura. They are training the puppies to be service dogs. One of her goals is to put an end to dog fighting & puppy mills.

The next day she meets Charlene & Jonah Johnson, her new neighbors who are Native American. She feels awkward & tongue tied around Jonah & is surprised because she's never felt that way around Cooper.

The characters are well developed & her adventures are described clearly enough they seem real. Their investigation into a dog fighting ring is a potentially dangerous situation. Unfortunately, they did not tell an adult. It is a fast-paced, fun read for pre-teen or teen, or anyone who enjoys an animal story.

The only drawback for me was the use of #hashtags# to express silent feelings. I found it distracting. I still gave it an almost five star rating.

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