A Deadly Business

A Deadly Business - Lis Wiehl, April Henry I received a free e-copy of A Deadly Business by Lis Wiehl from NetGalley for fair review. I enjoyed this a fast read & am glad there are other books to this series.

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Mia Quinn is a prosecuting attorney whose husband had supposedly committed suicide by vehicle after driving under the influence. Detective Charlie Carlson brings some puzzling contradictions to her attention that he may have been murdered. What lengths will they go to in their investigation? What problems will their investigation cause? Is Charlie's interest in this purely professional or does he care more than he wants to admit about Mia?

Mia is also a single mother of a teenage boy & four year old daughter. She's battling massive debts that her accountant husband left behind. She questions whether her entire married life was a lie since it seems she may have been betrayed.

The characters were well drawn & I'm in the slightly 'hungover' state after finishing it so quickly. There were enough twists & turns to keep my full attention throughout. There were also several thought & emotion provoking moral-ethical issues raised in the pending trials. Their resolution kept me guessing.

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