The Healer's Touch

The Healer's Touch - Lori Copeland The Healer's Touch by Lori Copeland from Harvest House Publishing is a four star page turner. I received a free kindle copy from NetGalley for fair review.

Lyric Bolton lives in an isolated rural Missouri area. It's called Bolton Holler, because of one of her ancestor's influence in the community. Now she's shunned by the community because her mother is deemed 'crazy' because of the 'fits' she throws. She lives with her younger sister, Lark. Lark's best friend & instigator of trouble-making is Boots.

Bolton Holler has unexplained 'spook lights'. They are similar to the Ghost Lights of Marfa, Texas. They seem to bounce & divide & are generally playful, but they can terrify newcomers. A recently wed couple who had built a house near Lyric moved away because of them.

Ian Crawley is a sheriff & is chasing a criminal named Cummings to get the bounty on his head. The 'spook' lights appear. The horses react in terror & run unbridled until they can be stopped. Cummings gets away. Norman, Ian's horse runs through Lyric's barn door. Ian's injured & loses his memory. Norman wanders off to appear later with his expensive saddle with the initials 'JJ'.

For a period of time, they actually thought he was dead. Lyric goes to the local sheriff for someone to come claim his body because she thinks he's a local criminal, one of the Younger brothers. The young incompetent sheriff tells her he won't go near her house & she has to bring him to town. She returns home to find that Ian, who she decides to call Joseph has recovered.

They have a tender budding relationship that is hampered because she thinks he might be a criminal, even though all his actions are honorable.

His wallet & Sheriff's star had been lost & coincidentally enough, Lark finds it & without telling anyone, puts it in her top drawer. She doesn't realize it could belong to their unwelcome house guest who had destroyed the barn. It is an important part of the story.

I had not read Lori Copeland's writing before but will start now. I found this a endearing story, in spite of the paranormal 'spook' lights & ignorant people's response to illness beyond their understanding.

It's a fast & enjoyable book to read.

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