My Pet Raptor

My Pet Raptor - A.J. Cosmo I received a free kindle copy of My Pet Raptor by A.J. Cosmo from Amazon for fair review. It was almost a four star.

It is an easy 'learn to read' story about learning responsibility for a pet. It's intended for first to fourth graders. The illustrations are really cute.

There are great opportunities for appropriate noise making throughout the story. My favorite little boy really laughed when I demonstrated the half howling, half gargling noise that Rex made at the moon. Rex, the raptor was noisy at night, was destructive (chewing up backpacks, breaking dishes, sleeping on top of clothing), ate too much & even tore up the carpet. Cleaning up after him was a full time job & it was exhausting.

Could they keep him even if they couldn't get sleep? Could he fit into the family even if he chased Pookie the cat? I recommend this for parents, grandparents, libraries & schools.

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