Shep Dreams of Home

Shep Dreams of Home - Jason Matthews I received a free kindle copy of Shep Dreams of Home by Jason Matthews from Amazon for fair review. This is a simple but hopeful, bedtime story. Every one (dogs included) want a home. I gave it four stars.

Shep was a clumsy puppy & had a big head with long teeth. He lived with the Angry People who didn't like it when he bumped them. They put him outside in the dark cold night.

He wanders down the street & meets Ruby. They become friends. He tries to fit in with Ruby's family & not bump them with his big head, but they can have only one dog. They introduce him to The Lonely Man. They befriend each other & Shep even gets to sleep in the warm bed with the Lonely Man. After Shep came to live with him, the Lonely Man became the Happy Man.

He & Ruby catch a Food Burglar at Ruby's home where they were having a party. The people realize the man is just hungry & invites him in to eat with them. This is a feel good story &

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