Last Christmas: A Bumpkinton Short Story

Last Christmas: A Bumpkinton Short Story - Matthew Drzymala I received a copy of Last Christmas - A Bumpkinton Short Story by Matthew Drzymała for fair review. I gave it almost five stars.

It is a short Christmas story. Father Whitworth O’Grady is a younger priest under the tutelage of Father Stanton. Finally at eighty-nine, he has decided to retire & travel. Although once a priest, always a priest is discussed.

Father Whitworth visits the family of Summers-Days (Alexander, Laura & Humphrey) for an evening meal. Walking to their home, he takes time to enjoy the Christmas tree in the center square. The village is peaceful & serene.

After a dinner this exchange takes place. “I’m extremely proud; she’s an absolute wonder.” Laura glowed red as her husband blew her a kiss while Whitworth pulled at his dog collar in embarrassment, hoping they wouldn’t mount each other upon the shag-pile. He took a seat on the sofa and patted his stomach."
I thought it was cleverly done & found it quite funny.

Laura had prepared a blueberry-cinnamon marzipanin cake that is almost too pretty to eat. The Heimlich manoeuvre is necessary when Father O'Grady choked on a Christmas 'penny' placed in the cake instead of in the traditional Christmas pudding. The coin shoots out of his mouth over six feet to land in Alexander's cup. She sends some cake with him to share with Father Stanton. She assures him there are no more pennies.

After leaving some of the villagers engaged in a snowball fight. It was a festive night indeed. He hoped when he shared putting the star on the Christmas tree with Humphrey the boy would beging to learn a lesson in what Christmas was about.

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