Macaron Murder (with Recipes) (A Patisserie Mystery)

Macaron Murder (with Recipes) (A Patisserie Mystery) - Harper Lin I received a free kindle copy of Macaron Murder (A Patisserie Mystery with Recipes Book 1) by Harper Lin from Amazon for fair review. I gave it three stars.

Clémence Damour had gone to school in America then travelled. She returned to Paris to dog sit while her parent who run a bakery travel to Japan to further spread their business. Soon after she arrived, the caretaker was murdered. A cynical inspector actually accuses Clemence of being the murderess. He is described as the man "with the buggy green eyes & parentheses smirk".

Arthur is a resident of the boarding house her parents own. He lives upstairs. She had seen him before "coming out the side of the building with a different girl each time: good looking girls in tight clothes & heels, doing the walk of shame."

Clemence's English was nearly without accent unless she was fatigued. When that happened her French accent became prevalent. That caught my attention because I don't sound Southern unless I'm fatigued, or angry.

Berenice & Sebastien both work for Damour's. Clemence & Berenice were talking about the rude Inspector Cyril. "Oh please, he's all talk. He was probably acting superior because he has no clue how to proceed. You know how Frenchmen are. They're like insecure little boys who need to act arrogant to mask their insecurities."

Celine, another worker at Damours has a bit of a crush on Sebastien & wants to Clemence to find out if he has a girlfriend. This led Clemence to ask: "What exactly is your taste?

'She has to be soft, light & sweet.'

'So your next girlfriend is going to be a meringue?' Clemence laughed."

Clemence is still looking for clues & sees Arthur walking the dog. She rushes to join him. "Something about him repelled her. It was the same way Cyril repelled her--the arrogance, the entitlement, the haughty attitude."

Clemence searches for clues everywhere. She doesn't slow down until she actually is struck upon the head & lost consciousness. Will she find the killer before the killer finds her?

This is a light weight & fun mystery.

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