Under the Aspens

Under the Aspens  - Elizabeth Sherry I received a free kindle copy of Under the Aspens (The Aspen Series Book 1) by Elizabeth Sherry published by Scarecrow Books for fair review. I gave it four stars.

Sher who is a deli owner in Colorado is being is stalked. She feels watched but can't see anyone. Then her garage is broken into & her brother's house trashed while he is missing. The officer, Glen who comes to talk to Sher about the burglary is a man she'd almost gotten close to years before. She broke it off without explanation, because of the baggage she carried with her ex-husband who was tormenting her. There are twists & turns galore.

Can she find what the burglar was looking for before they return again? Will she survive the attacks of the man hired by a vicious criminal mastermind who is stalking her? Can her romance be rekindled?

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the abrupt ending. It's clearly one of a series. It leaves you hanging from a deeply pierced hook.

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007ONCTIM?ie=UTF8&creativeASIN=B007ONCTIM&linkCode=xm2&tag=injoslifethin-20