The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body

The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body - Milda Harris I received a free kindle copy of The New Girl Who Found a Dead Boy by Milda Harris published by Milda Harris from NetGalley for fair review. I gave it four stars.

I liked it because this murder mystery kept me guessing from start to finish. It's about an 18 year old who moves to California to stay with the family she had been friends with when she & Jake were children.

Chloe discovers the recently killed body of Lora, the most popular & manipulative girl in school. She is befriended by Emma, a girl on the outskirts of the 'In Crowd'.

Her affections swing between Grey, a class photographer & Kate, Jake's insanely jealous girlfriend. She is suspicious of almost anyone because she doesn't know anyone. She starts receiving warning notes & threats.

Who can Chloe trust? Can she find out who is threatening her before she is killed?

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