Catch That Santa

Catch That Santa - Karen Docter I received a free kindle copy of Catch That Santa by Karen Docter from an Amazon promotion in exchange for a fair review. I gave it five stars.

It's a sweet romantic story with a few twists. I like a 'feel good' story to read between some of my more intense reading. This one satisfied that need.

A gold '57 Ford Fairlane convertible is the vehicle of choice for Grams & Raphael in the escape from a nursing home to elope in Las Vegas. Left behind is a set of instructions & a beautiful dress for Sara Marks to wear when she gets to Vegas where she will join her Grams. Sara is a widow with a young daughter.

Francisco de la Vegas was the one they planned to escort Sara. He is the grandson of Raphael who Grams had known many years before.

He's in a relationship with the bossy, manipulative daughter of the man who he has submitted his proposal for a major architectural project.

Will Sara & Cisco catch the elderly couple to prevent their wedding? Will Cisco learn that Sara could be the catch of his life? Or will he be trapped in a marriage of convenience?

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99 cents at time of posting.