Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice - Patty Jansen I received a free kindle copy of Fire & Ice (Icefire Trilogy) by Patty Jansen in an Amazon promotion for review. I gave it four stars because it kept my attention & I wanted to learn what would happen next.

It was a world where 'Imperfects' were left on ice floes to be eaten by polar bears. They were able to see the icefire. Tandor, the grandson of a former king has been saving them to help form a revolution against the current regime.

Icefire evidently acts like high dosage radiation since it singes the skin & can cause death.

I hoped that the character Carro would be more ethical but considering his background with the Eagle Knights & his chronic rapes by higher ranking Knights did enough damage to tip him into mental illness. He also betrays his friend Isandor who had managed to become an Eagle Knight in spite of the imperfection of missing a lower leg which he disguised with icefire.

The Servitors were created by the removal of their hearts & they became blue (or invisible) automatons bound to do the will of who held their hearts.

Overall it was an interesting storyline & it ended with a cliffhanger. I will likely read Icefire Trilogy #2 in spite of several typos or grammatical errors.

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