Near Death

Near Death - Glenn Cooper I received a free kindle copy of Near Death by Glenn Cooper published by Lascaux Media from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

Cyrus O'Malley, a Shakespeare quoting FBI agent whose daughter is dying from an inoperable brain tumor is set against a meglomaniac with a God-complex named Alex Wexler, a brilliant neuroscientist who is fascinated by near death experiences. Wexler develops a formula that is developed into a drug named Bliss which satisfies his need to create a near death experience when the liquid or crystals are taken under the tongue. He believes the end justifies the means. He has Ouroboros Salons in his home where like-minded people gather to discuss this experience.

Suspense abounds in this stand alone book of Glenn Cooper. This is the first time I've read his work but won't be the last. I gave this page turning story five stars.

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