Happy new year! Let's have a giveaway. I love giveaways. Here's a good one.

Hello and happy new year!


A lot has happened since I posted here about the last giveaway, including having 169 followers all of a sudden. First of all let me say I love that number, and second let me ask : who are you people? Where did you come from?


Nevermind. All that matters is that you're here, and I'd like to get to know you. So don't be shy about messaging me.


I thought of making another giveaway on BookLikes since the last one went so well, but this time I'm doling out some paperbacks. Here's the catch - during the giveaway (it lasts till the 14th of Feb) I will give the ebook version of The Labyrinth away for free to whoever asks. So as I said above - don't be shy. I want readers not buyers.


As the giveaway month unfolds, I will be posting videos and pictures of art that I'm having made for the Labyrinth by the talented Greg Opalinski.  This art will be in the paperback copies that four of you will win.


Each week there'll be one new clip and picture of one of the four main characters of The Labyrinth.  I hope you enjoy them.


Looking forward to reading from you.