Never Buried: A Leigh Koslow Mystery by Edie Claire

Never Buried - Edie Claire

I received a free kindle copy of Never Buried: A Leigh Koslow Mystery by Edie Claire published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in exchange for fair review. I gave it five stars. It had enough twists & turns to hold my interest & is a very fast read.


Edie Claire is the author of the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series. This is the only one I have read but I'll look for more. 


There is plenty of mystery involved in the telling of this story. Leigh & her cat Mao-Tse are staying with her pregnant friend Cara whose husband is completing a business deal in Japan. An embalmed corpse mysteriously is deposited in the hammock in the back yard. 


Threatening messages appear. While I had not read any previous Leigh Koslow books, there are enough clues to discern certain trends. Leigh loses her apartment & job, again! Mom wants Leigh to move home, again. Leigh would rather face death threats than do so.


There are a lot of strong women characters in this book & I liked that a lot. There are also the enter-twined bonds of daughters & mothers. Maura, Leigh & Cara all have close relationships with each other as their mothers do with each other. The closeness-interdependence of all six women is a haunting refrain throughout this mystery. 


This who-done-it was a page turner. Any book that can make me miss sleep well deserves the five stars I give it.


Where had the killer kept the embalmed corpse for so many years? Can Leigh & Cara discover who is the killer before they are written out of the story? Will Mao Tse survive the anxiety of the moves?


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